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English Course Listings:


Freshman English


Grade: 9

English l students will contemplate the structure, meaning and value of a literary works by combining the study
of literature and composition. Students will understand and appreciate different genres through reading, writing, and individual and group discussion. Recognizing and analyzing literary techniques and devices will be the focus of our study of literature. Through the study of composition, students should understand and demonstrate paragraph and multi-paragraph development with attention to topic sentence, coherence devices, and development of an idea through description, exposition, persuasion, and narration. In addition, students will gain an appreciation for research and study skills necessary for success at the secondary level.

Sophomore English


Grade: 10

Full Year - The Sophomore English curriculum focuses on both oral and written communication. These abilities will be enhanced through the study of literature from various genres including speeches, poetry and Greek fiction.

Junior English


Grade: 11

Full Year - The Junior English curriculum is devoted to the study of American literature and development of writing skills including grammar review.

Senior English


Grade: 12

Full Year - This course will combine the study of composition and literature. Students will focus on the analysis and study of literary works from throughout the world. Writing assignments will include a research paper and resume writing in addition to literary analysis and literary criticism.


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