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Computer Course Listings:


Computer I


Grade: 9

Computer I is an introduction to Micro Soft Office XP suite and advanced keyboarding. The following skills will be the focus of this course:

  • Improve keyboarding skills
  • Word Processing using Word XP
  • Graphics using the draw feature of Word XP and other drawing packages
  • Spreadsheet using Excel XP
  • Problem Solving
  • Database
  • Integration of various software into one document

Computer II


Grade: 10

Computer II is an in depth study of Micro Soft Office XP suite. The advanced features of the Office products will be stressed and students will become adept in the use of all tools so they can demonstrate a mastery of the product. Students will have the knowledge and experience to take the MOUS certification tests if they choose. The following skills will be the focus of this course:

  • Word Processing using Word XP
  • Graphics using the draw feature of Word XP and other drawing packages.
  • Spreadsheet using Excel XP
  • Database using Access XP
  • Presentation software using PowerPoint XP
  • E-Mail Using whatever is currently supported by our Network Administrator Integration of various software into one document

Hardware &


Grade: 12

This course is designed to enable students to:

  • Assess how computer software and hardware work together
  • Describe the computer system board and memory
  • Install floppy and hard drives including the use of DOS and develop troubleshooting strategies
  • Support and install Windows 9x
  • Configure computers to communicate over the phone lines
  • Employ networking fundamentals and communication over the Internet
  • Implement a plan for viruses, disaster recovery and maintenance

Learners will develop strategies for the use and maintenance of computer hardware and computer networks within the education setting. Evaluation will include written testing, research projects and hands on lab activities.

Visual Basic


Grade: 12

Visual Basic is an introduction to programming and students will learn to design a program from the top down, they will be able to draw a data flow chart to graphically illustrate the flow of data in their program. Students will learn to solve problems by breaking the problem into small sections and applying logic to solve each section. They will learn the various graphic elements of Visual Basic and how to add code to each element.

Prerequisite: Computer I and Computer II

Web Page Design


Grade: 12

Web Page Design using various tools including Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Freehand, and Macromedia File Extension Manager. If time permits we will include a PowerPoint, and Word text file also. The students will spend time design learning effective design schemes and how to determine who their main audience will be. The students will learn how to create photo album pages, create their own animations, and many other enhancements. Students will use many built-in features such as navigation bars, rollover buttons, roll-over pictures, and many other features that are built in to the software.

Pre-requisites: Computer I and Computer II


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